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Unable to install Microsoft C++ Build Tools with SDK

An error is being encountered when attempting to install the Microsoft C++ Build Tools as part of the global packages included with the Genvid MILEs SDK. When reaching this installation step, the error A setup package is either missing or damaged appears. You are then given the options to download packages from the internet or to provide a location to search for the packages. Neither option works.

A workaround has been found in the interim to help you overcome this issue and continue with your work.

  1. Go to
  2. Search and download Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 Update 3.
    Download the iso and launch the install. The required packages are within the iso, so you will not see any corrupted or missing package error.
  3. Install the Genvid MILEs SDK; the installer will detect that Build Tools was installed.
    You should see a popup: Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 seems to be already installed. Do you want to reinstall it?
  4. Select No to skip.
  5. Resume SDK install as normal

A thread in the Microsoft community can be found here if you wish to follow their updates:

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