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Twitch Dev Rig - Troubleshooting - Video doesn’t appear - Background is white

When installing Twitch Dev Rig for the first time, this behavior can happen.

Here is a simple Hello World page exposing the issue:


The normal behavior in case you’re not even streaming anything yet should be like this, exposing the Offline video information under the overlay:


We find out that the following steps fixed the issue, however we didn’t identify the root cause of this Dev Rig Bug.

  1. In the dev rig, right click outside the overlay view and select Toggle Developer Tools, this will open the developers tools on the right.

  2. Inside Elements, Navigate to the websrc view.

  3. Use OBS or the genvid cluster to stream to your Twitch channel.

  4. In the developer tools, Replace the websrc video address by your twitch channel video address like:

    • <webview src="" style="height: 724px;"></webview>
  • Press Enter

Video should appear in the Dev Rig:1649166519753.png

5. Stop streaming and click the refresh button in the Dev Rig.

You should see the video offline message in the Dev Rig with the overlay upon it.

The websrc view should point to localhost.


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