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Rendering resolution is incorrect while running the game from the UE4Editor

First Solution

When launching a game inside the UE4Editor, we have observed that the created window is not exactly the specified resolution.

For example, when launching a game in 1280x720 resolution, the created window is actually 1290x754. UE4 renders the window decorations itself.

To work around this problem, configure your stream input to specify the IDXGISwapChain’s rendered resolution (1290x754 in the above example). Since this means that you will then capture everything including window decoration, we include the ability to crop that input using extra parameters.

Here is a sample HCL file specifying proper values for this scenario:

  "settings": {
    "encode": {
      "input": {"width": 1290, "height": 754, "left": 5, "top": 29},
      "output": {"width": 1280, "height": 720}

To ensure the settings are honored, clean and restart the whole stack. See Unreal Tournament Sample Usage for more information.

genvid-sdk setup # Make sure the local cluster is created. 
genvid-sdk clean-config # Clean old config in case of existing cluster. 
genvid-sdk load-config-sdk # Configure the basic services for the SDK. 
py load # Load UT4 jobs and configurations.

Second Solution

The Genvid Plugin is compatible with all the available Play Modes. By selecting New Editor Window (PIE), the window will have the good resolution.

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