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01. Unity Class Setup Guide   

Unity Class Setup Guide

This guide was written as a quick reference step by step guide for the first setup of genvid classes. For class descriptions or more in depth information on each step please check the documentation at

Prefab Creation

  1. In the Unity Browser - look for the “Genvid/SDK/Prefabs” folder.

  2. Place a GenvidPlugin in the level

  3. In the “Listeners” folder there is “Commands Listener”, “Events Listener”, and “Streams Listener”. Drag these into the level as children of “GenvidPlugin”

1667945629002.pngThe scene should look like the above

Property Setup

  1. In your Assets browser create a folder called “Parameters”

  2. Bring up the contextual menu with right click then look under “Create -> Genvid”. Notice the different parameters you can create

  3. Create a parameter for “Streams”, “Video” and “Audio”

    • We will eventually create multiple streams. So rename this Stream to be “ClockTimeStream”

  4. Set your Audio parameters properties

    • Id can be anything. “Audio” is recommended

    • Change the audio mode to “Unity” to only send the unity audio

    • Change the Audio Format to “F32LE”

  5. Set your Video parameters properties

    • Id can be anything. “Video” is recommended

    • Change the Capture Type to be “Automatic”

      • This will set the video feed to be a camera we will set later

  6. Set your Stream properties

    • We will name our data stream “ClockTime”. Set this as the Id

  7. Click on the “GenvidPlugin” object in your scene. Expand “Session Manager->Session->Video”

    • Drag your video parameters into “Settings”

    • Drag your camera into “Source”

  8. Expand “Audio” next

    • Drag your audio parameters into “Settings”

  9. Expand “Streams->Settings” next

    • Add an element to the array

    • Drag your Stream parameter into the first element

1667945790569.pngExample GenvidPlugin

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1667945790569.png (37.0 KiB)
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