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Twitch synchronization degradation over time

Apr 21, 2020 -- Forum Archive

Occasionally, a visible degradation of synchronization can be experienced while streaming with Twitch. We are still investigating this issue and how we may be able to reduce the impact, however, the issue itself lies with the Twitch API.

This degradation occurs when games have high movement rate (ex. Unreal Tournament). As the game/stream progresses, the data overlay will lose sync with the character movement in the game.

Refreshing the page will correct the issue temporarily, but the degradation will eventually return. This is not an ideal solution as the user experience will still be affected.

The severity of the degradation will vary depending on the integration. It could be visible within 1h or 4h, there are no consistent metrics that can be provided.

Our recommendation:
If your target platform is strictly Twitch, you may want to consider how you integrate Genvid into your game. Avoiding auto-follow capabilities will help ensure users don’t experience this issue.

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