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00. Unreal C++ Integration Guide   

Unreal Engine 4/5 Integration Guide

This guide was written as a quick reference step by step guide for first time installation. For Updating to a newer version or more in depth information on each step please check the documentation at

Installation Prerequisites

  1. Visual Studio requirements

    • For Unreal Engine 4.15 to 4.19 Download Visual Studio 2015 toolchain from the build tools

    • For Unreal Engine 4.20 to 4.27 Download Visual Studio 2017 toolchain from the build tools

    • For Unreal Engine 4.25 onwards Download Visual Studio Essentials 2019

    • All of the above can be downloaded from the microsoft store

  2. Download Genvid SDK

  3. Open a command shell within your Genvid SDK install folder and run the following command: py --user

    • Close the command shell for changes to take effect.

Create Project and Copy Genvid files

  1. Create a C++ Unreal Project. Note the location and version.

    • It is recommended the project is placed one folder layer deeper. This will give you a place to put Genvid related web and build code later.

  2. Open a powershell in your Genvid SDK folder. Navigate to engine-integration/ue4

  3. Use the command ‘py checkout {YourProjectRoot}’

  4. Open your uproject file and add the following to “Modules”:

  5.         {
                "LoadingPhase": "Default",
                "Name": "Genvid",
                "Type": "Runtime"
  6. Make sure to add a comma after the previous entry in Modules

  7. Open your .Build.cs file. Add the following:

  8. PrivateDependencyModuleNames.Add("Genvid");
    if (Target.Type == TargetRules.TargetType.Editor)
  9. This can be found under {YourProjectRoot}/<YourProject>/Source/<YourProject>/<YourProject>.Build.cs

  10. Run your project. In the project settings make sure that “Default RHI” is not set to DirectX12. If it is set it to 11

Genvid Plugin

  1. Under Edit/Plugins in the unreal project enable the Genvid Plugin

  2. In Window/Genvid SDK in the unreal project you will be able to select your SDK version if you have multiple installed

Example Genvid SDK window

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