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How much does Genvid cost to use?

Genvid’s software is free to integrate and test with. We have a SIMPLE LICENSING MODEL when you do a public broadcast, which is seven cents (USD) per unique viewer for the month. If you decide to sell items through the stream, contact us for a side-letter.

Please note that we do not operate or offer servers. Therefore, the cost of infrastructure is your own. But the costs of managing the infrastructure is low. You can run Genvid streams 24/7 for the entire month and server costs can be cheap.

If you choose to use AWS, the cost of a basic cluster (using our included samples as a test case) is only a few dollars an hour. The expensive cost of video is offloaded to the streaming platform, so you do not have massive video costs even as your viewers scale.

There is a data cost that scales to the number of viewers, but the amount is typically small on a per-viewer basis. (Assuming a modest use of our data streams.)

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