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Is Genvid “Cloud Gaming”?

Genvid is not cloud gaming. Genvid focuses on viewers rather than players, with every viewer sharing a single stream.

While players require full control over the game camera, for viewers, for us fully interactive streaming means a shared camera, and the ability to directly interact with the video that viewers are watching.

Through the Genvid SDK, for the first time, viewers can click on/tap/interact with objects in the scene as though they were spectating in-engine. You, the developer, control the camera (either automated or manually).

This is radically different than cloud gaming: a cloud gaming system generates a camera for each player to control, requires ultra-low latency and takes up a lot of GPUs. Genvid doesn’t require many GPUs, and synchronizes to high-latency systems.

As a result, developers using the Genvid SDK are able to go way beyond the type of interactivity you get through chat or keyboard command parsing. We’re synchronizing the data from the engine to each individual viewer!

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