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Step by Step Tutorial For Unity Integration (For Dummies)

Jan 30, 2018 by: juanpablo.reyes

Hello, I’m a Unity developer and I’m trying to get my head around Genvid, but I’ve found the integration guides to be very complex (at least for my current knowledge)

I’m not very familiar with Python and the command prompt, so I’m a little bit lost here.

Isn’t there a way to create a project in Unity and test Genvid in a simple way? For example by creating a Unity project, including the DLLs manually in the plugins folder and using a Unity package for all the scripts, prefabs, etc?

I would appreciate any guidance.

Juan P.

Jan 31, 2018 by: juanpablo.reyes

I got here:

genvid-toolbox correctly installed under c:\users\end user\appdata\roaming\python\python35\site-packages.
Scripts found under C:\Users\End User\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python35\Scripts
C:\Users\End User\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python35\Scripts>genvid-sdk clean-config
Service consul is not running
File "C:\Users\End User\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python35\site-packages\genvid\toolbox\", line 88, in _get_service
raise ServiceIsNotRunningError("consul") from ex

Any idea on why is this happenning?

Jan 31, 2018 by: moritzgv


that part is described in Starting a local cluster.

You just need to run genvid-bastion install, before running the other commands. This command must be run every time after you restart your computer. Only after that the genivd-sdk-tool will work.

Generally, if you do anything with the cluster genvid-bastion is the command you usually use, but I haven’t used much besides install,reinstall, and start.


Jan 31, 2018 by: juanpablo.reyes

Thanks! This has helped me to progress a little bit further, so I decided to put together a guide to post it here. I have been able to go through the steps util I need to build the Unity project and I’m getting an error there. Please see the step by step guide below for details.

Please let me know what am I doing wrong!

So far I got this:

Jan 31, 2018 by: juanpablo.reyes

Genvid Integration in Unity for Dummies

After downloading and installing the SDK:

  1. Find the folder where the Genvid files are:
    C:\Genvid\Genvid Technologies SDK 1.11.0
  2. And run this command:
    py --user
  3. Find the path to the sdk scripts
    C:\Users\End User\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python35\Scripts
  4. Rungenvid-bastion install, before running the other commands. This command must be run every time after you restart your computer. Only after that the genivd-sdk-tool will work.

This may not work the first time, so try it until it completes without errors. You may want to use genvid-bastion uninstall before installing again.

  1. And then run this commands:
    genvid-sdk clean-config
    genvid-sdk load-config-sdk
  2. Locate the folder where the file is located:
    C:\Genvid\Genvid Technologies SDK 1.11.0\samples\unity
  3. And run this command there:
    py load -Try this until it doesn’t shows errors
    py build -Here, I get the following error:


"C:\Genvid\Genvid Technologies SDK 1.11.0\samples\unity\plugin\GenvidPlugin\GenvidPlugin.sln" (GenvidPlugin targ
   et) (1) ->
   "C:\Genvid\Genvid Technologies SDK 1.11.0\samples\unity\plugin\GenvidPlugin\GenvidPlugin.vcxproj" (default targe
   t) (2) ->
     C:\Genvid\Genvid Technologies SDK 1.11.0\samples\unity\plugin\GenvidPlugin\GenvidPlugin.vcxproj(26,3): error M
   SB4019: The imported project "C:\Microsoft.Cpp.Default.props" was not found. Confirm that the path in the <Impor
   t> declaration is correct, and that the file exists on disk.

0 Warning(s)
1 Error(s)

Jan 31, 2018 by: moritzgv

I’ve generally made better experience with building the projects in Visual Studio and not using the build-scripts, they are a bit unreliable - or I just can’t set set them up correctly.

In the end, just make sure that C:\Genvid\Genvid Technologies SDK 1.11.0\samples\unity\app\app\unity.exe runs the game in the end

I’ve never worked with Unity, so the genvid staff can probably help you better than me in this instance.

The rest of the guide seems to be correct, at least it matches what I do.

Note that Steps 1-4 are required and the same for every genvid-project as far as I can tell, and are basically the “set up genvid” phase. After you’ve done that you can also just use the native- and web-SDK without any complicated steps.

Feb 17, 2018 by: lucas

Just wanted to jump in: Regarding step #4, after your first install of the genvid services, you should be able to run:

genvid-bastion restart

if you need to restart the genvid services;

You can also run:

genvid-bastion stop

to stop the services, and:

genvid-bastion start

to start them again. You might need to still reinstall after a restart.

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